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"The magic answers to success are buried in the brains of the customer" -John Richards

This interview is all about the things that investors are wishing you knew. Are you asking the right questions to get legitimate customer validation? John walks us through specific strategies to get it right. Are you solving a problem in the world that is a monetizable pain? Listen to this podcast and ask yourself some hard questions; You will be glad you did.


  • Customer Validation
  • Seed Funds
  • Angel Investors
  • Accelerators
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • How to ask the right questions for validation
  • Token validation vs. legitimate

Take Aways

"Iteratively extracting customer sediment is essential to actual optimal customer validation and the development of a great business model."

"A lot of success comes from good old fashion sales."

"The act of parting with money is the ultimate validation!"

"If investors are not interested in your idea, it's because you have not shown them any traction and you have not properly communicated your vision."

-John Richards

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