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Ep 367: Sierra Schubach and Alisha Pace - Babes, Bosses, and Babies

"Follow your heart and do what you think is best." - Sierra and Alisha

Sierra Schubach & Alisha Pace - Founders of Babes, Bosses, and Babies

Sierra Schubach and Alisha Pace are the minds and mouths of the weekly podcast Babes, Bosses and Babies. Inspired by reoccurring conversations and rants about life as a working mom, each episode addresses important topics amongst millennials, parents and women just like you and me. Babes, Bosses and Babies is a passion project they started to give a voice and start a community for like-minded people. 

Alisha Pace, co-host and co-founder of Babes, Bosses and Babies, has a professional background in event management and marketing. She lives in the heart of Salt Lake City with a very modern family, composed of 3 stepchildren and her 2 daughters and their dad. She is passionate about women in business and is very excited to see the adventures this new venture take her on.


Sierra Schubach, co-host and co-founder of Babes, Bosses and Babies, has a professional background in marketing and communications. She is also well versed in the social media sphere. She credits her sharp character and vast knowledge to her interrelated education, but mostly to her understanding of balance and life experiences. She is currently residing and working in Salt Lake City, with her one-year-old son.



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