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Ep 368: Tyler Barstow Interview - Vinyl Me, Please

"It takes tine to grow what you hope is a quality company." - Tyler Barstow

Tyler is a co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please and currently serves as their Head of Content. While working on the idea for, and early stages of, Vinyl Me, Please, he worked as a Support Agent at CoSupport in Chicago. Prior to that he worked with a non-profit in Raleigh, NC.

"Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club. The best damn record club out there, in fact.

Our mission is help people explore, experience, and enjoy music on a deeper level. A tall order, maybe, but it’s what gets us out of bed every morning with a thunderous shout. We do that both by sending you great music every month and by making sure you have a ton of fun each step of the way. Music is important, and so are you, and we work our asses off to make sure we do good by both.

We believe in the power of the album as an art form. That music is a form of connection. That an album isn’t just something you own, but something that becomes a part of you. And we offer a full sensory experience that encourages you to deeply connect with the music you’re listening to. Vinyl is a tangible representation of the music you love, and brings with it a ritual you shouldn’t live without. What you listen to and how you listen to it matters. It ends up being an essential part of who you are."


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