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"Most people go an inch deep and a mile wide. Instead you should go an inch wide and a mile deep." - Joe Jacobi

Joe Jacobi - Olympic Gold Medalist | Performance Coach | Professional Speaker | Author

What I do

I teach my clients the advanced skills necessary to reveal talents which have been set to idle due to external and internal distractions.

I, then, transfer to my clients Olympic Gold Medal performance strategies that streamline decision making and actions when engaged in complicated life currents with an aim towards the freedom of playing your own game.
How I Do It 
Professional Speaking: I inspire audiences with practical and actionable strategies that originate from my own high performance success in Olympic sport, business, and adventure.
Performance Coaching: Working on a 1-1 basis, I guide leaders toward unexpected leaps in business and life.

Executive & Organizational Training:

I develop customized and on-point programs and experiences – at the office and on the river – that shape teams, cultures, and outcomes.

A Few Adventures That Shape The Life Lessons I Share
Stepping on the Top Step of the Medal Podium at the Olympic Games
My Olympic Gold Medal Was Stolen; Recovered Weeks Later; Then, I Gave It Away
Led a U.S. Olympic Sport Governing Body as its Chief Executive Officer
Paddled a Kayak 113 Miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida

Who I Work With

I present to & coach entrepreneurs, business leaders, executive teams, and whole organizations as well as elite and developing athletes and their coaches.

My clients over the past 24 months include:

General Electric, John Hancock, Healthcare Financial Management Association
Minor League Baseball, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Resolution Legal, Nantahala Outdoor Center, International Canoe Federation, Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, & several regional financial institutions.


Connect with Joe:

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