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"Don't go at it alone, find good founders, and recognize what your strengths are." - Vanessa Quigley

Vanessa Quigley - Co-founder, Chatbooker-in-Chief of Chatbooks

Vanessa Quigley is a mom, wife, trained opera singer and most recently Chatbooker-in-Chief. Chatbooks gives Vanessa the ideal place to combine her big picture vision, desire to hold onto what matters, and get-it-done attitude that raising seven children has instilled in her. Chatbooks’ affordable, automatic and simple photo books were Vanessa’s brain-child after realizing her youngest son didn’t have his own childhood scrapbook. Vanessa drives Chatbooks’ creative engine and product design to make sure the functionality is simple and easy to use. Prior to Chatbooks, Vanessa relished her role as Mom-in-Chief, managing the wonderful chaos of her growing family.

Vanessa has a degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Brigham Young University, sings opera whenever she can, enjoys the theater, being in the mountains with her family, and finding the humor in life - especially important while raising a growing family!


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