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Entrepreneur, Inventor Larry Robertson helps inventors become a success. Listen in as he tells us why "good" is no longer "good enough."

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Tyler Price is no stranger to failure, but the success of Austin Kade Academy has been a major achievement for him and his wife, Allison. Tyler's newest venture, Be the Maven, offers a mobile app solution for his niche and by design will be customized in the future to other micro businesses. Tyler discusses openly his strategy for the development of this product, as well as sound principles that he has learned from his career. As a bonus, Tyler's recent TEDx talk, The Importance of Failure, is available on the show notes page of this interview at outliermagazine.co.

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Designer and Entrepreneur Adam Rue teaches us the importance of simplicity in business. He argues that making things simple can be harder than complex.

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Andreas Hougaard Laustsen is a young, vibrant and highly educated entrepreneur and co-founder of two biotech companies. He shares with Melinda Yeaman the struggles, benefits and lessons learned as a young entrepreneur and how to use youth to your advantage.

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James Woosley, entrepreneur, business coach and author of the book "Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite", discusses with Melinda Yeaman how to create a powerful vision. He discusses his book which outlines 9 key steps to creating an actionable vision and encourages us to repeat these steps quarterly. He also shares an exclusive giveaway for the Outlier audience. Pick that up before April 15, 2014 in order to be included in a drawing for one-on-one coaching time.

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Publicity was a must for founder Christina Daves as she grew her niche business, CastMedic Designs. After successfully handling her own publicity and appearing on the Dr. Oz show, she founded the company PR for Anyone, also publishing a book by the same title. In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, Christina shares useful tips on how to publicize your own business without getting overwhelmed. She also shares her secret to booking television appearances and building valuable relationships with important media contacts.

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Dr. jared Dupree holds an MBA and PhD, is the founder of 2 thriving businesses and works for Northcentral University. He has been teaching entrepreneurship for over a decade and shares his extensive research and experience in this interview with Melinda Yeaman. Dr. DuPree outlines 5 key phases of innovation and discusses what it takes to innovate with passion and to achieve success.

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Sean Prewitt, entrepreneur and founder of Registered Agent Solutions, Inc (RASI) shares his expertise from 13 years of success.

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Francis Pedraza, entrepreneur and founder of the Everest goal tracking app, discusses with Melinda how to handle uncertainty and ambiguity in the startup process. After 3 years in the tech startup space, Francis discusses his initial "youthful overconfidence" which, over time and through adversity, transformed into a perspective of learning. He makes the point that a good entrepreneur accepts ambiguity and thrives in spite of it.

As a former corporate executive and current entrepreneur, Nicia shares her experience with crowdfunding her product, Jakket, using Kickstarter. 

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