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Serial Entrepreneur Dan Novaes wants to convince you to take the risk, and dive into entrepreneurship. Listen in as Dan talks about his countless startups, and what he learned from the challenges of bootstrapping.


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Entrepreneur Rik Logtenberg is a major advocate for social responsibility. He has a long history of using business to make a positive impact on the world. Rik’s latest venture is Timely, a seamless calendaring software focused on creating a community around you product. Listen in as Rik teaches how to create a gathering place for our communities.  

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Niki Warner’s passion for her business as a fourth generation greenhouse grower shines through in this interview with Melinda Yeaman. Niki’s passion is what brought her back to her roots as an adult and motivated her to become an entrepreneur and found Botanicals, Inc. She discusses a different take on ROI, the concept of human capital, and why we should spend our lives building a legacy around our passion. Plants play a large role in this conversation and become an analogy to communicate the life and energy we feel when we live and work true to our passion.

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Allan Staker, serial entrepreneur and Harvard grad, shares his past business experiences and what to expect the second time around. He is the founder of Brain Chase, an interactive summer learning program in the format of a global treasure hunt. Clues are given during a weekly animated series. The game ends with the winner flying to a location to dig up and keep the real treasure.


In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, Allan digs into the details of this TechEd product, related challenges and the passion he has for fun and education.

Jeff Poulton, seasoned entrepreneur and founder of Rocketmade, shares his passion and his mission to help create a visible STEM community in his area. As an app development company, Rocketmade is at the center of the tech scene and is deeply involved in stimulating its growth. Melinda Yeaman asks Jeff about his experience as a serial entrepreneur and asks Jeff to share his valuable insight for startups who are interested in developing an app.


Ray Paré is the founder of Dofahn Inc., a home décor company for dog owners whose e-commerce site sells quality products that are made in America. In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, Ray dives into e-commerce and the benefits of manufacturing products in the U.S.A. He gives valuable insights on starting and running an e-commerce business in a competitive environment as well as how to provide a quality experience for your clients and build amazing relationships with manufacturers to achieve success.

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Luca is living at the intersection of design and development, of creativity and ingenuity, of digital innovation and the physical world.

Today he designs mobile experiences for a curious generation with his company Curious Hat. For the past 30 years Luca has been creating digital images, writing code, exploring and designing new creative tools. For the 17 years prior, he worked at PDI/DreamWorks In helping bring digital characters like Shrek to life.

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Steve is one of the founders of Identity Marketing, an Australian agency which works exclusively with real estate agencies in to help them accelerate their growth through marketing and business systems. He breaks down the nuts and bolts of email marketing in particular. In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, he discusses tools, strategies, and how to keep consistency in email marketing.



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Vanessa DiMauro, founder of leader networks, introduces social business. Her company helps organizations build relationships with their key stakeholders through social business strategies. In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, she covers the differences between implementing social business strategies and general social media marketing.


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Millionair​e, Entreprene​ur and Author, JV Crum III is passionate about helping others to succeed by finding fulfillmen​t in life and in business..​.and he wants to help them make millions doing it. His new book, The Conscious Millionair​e, is a guide to doing just that, complement​ed with online resources and full of action items to accomplish this goal. JV discusses what elements build a fulfilling business. He discusses grasping the vision that will bring fulfillmen​t and defines what steps are needed in order to make that vision a reality.


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