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"Members are what really make a co-working space work" - Ted Sieving

Robbie Brown - CEO 

Ted Sieving - COO

Work Evolution Laboratories (WE Labs) is Downtown Long Beach's first coworking community: an inspiring environment designed for innovators and influencers. We are homebase for a variety of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. They enjoy scalable work spaces, and amenities such as high speed internet, coffee, and a live social network of dynamic professionals. Members can bounce ideas off of each other, share resources, gain feedback, and learn from the experience of others.


Melinda Yeaman | Ted Sieving | Robbie Brown | Heidi Fitzgarrald Howard | Ever Gonzalez




"Having a true creative center, somewhere that people can bounce ideas off each other and network is key to survival." - Robbie Brown

Contact with WE Labs:

WebsiteFacebook | @WELabs | @BassinatorBrown | @TedSieving

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