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"I've essentially bootstrapped my entire racing career to date...It was the most 101 in Business I've ever had...The whole struggle financially, and having to put my business hat on at a young age is what has made me so passionate about entrepreneurship." Collete Davis

About:  Collete Davis - Racecar Driver, Co-Founder of TechDrive, & CEO of Collete Davis Racing

Overview: Young female Indy race car driver, Collete Davis, wows us with her amazing accomplishments, entrepreneurial skills, and involvement with co-founding TechDrive. She shares the ups and downs of competing in a highly dominated male sport and how TechDrive came about.


Getting Started: By the age of 12 years old, Collete Davis was professionaly go-cart racing. By the age of 16, she started college to become a mechanical engineer. Although she was outnumbered in her classes and career, she didn’t let being the only girl make her nervous or shy away from her dreams. She is currently pursuing Indy racing and aspires to win the Indy 500.

Collete Davis | Melinda Yeaman


Struggles: For Collete, racing has been an uphill battle. It was hard to find sponsors or financial backers to get behind a female racer. Collete bootstrapped her entire career from the age of 15 to raise the funds needed to race. At a young age, she had sell her potential to investors which has taught, motivated, and driven her to form a company around her racing experience.

Collete Davis | picture via colletedavis.com
Collete Davis | picture via colletedavis.com

What is TechDrive: The brand around TechDrive is starting as a new source to focus on everything from green to mobile startups, companies like Tesla, and focusing on the innovation in racing. The short pitch for TechDrive is: More techy, talkier, 2.0. Collete is currently working on a new initiative with Richard Branson- be sure to stay tuned.

Collete's Goals: In racing: winning the Indy 500. In business: providing easy access for startups to go mainstream.


For her consumers: Collete wants her consumers to know that TechDrive is a place where you can find niche content on all things travel. She also feels the importance to provide more and more content for consumers to be educated about going green.

Take Away: Collete teaches us that regardless of your age or gender, it's possible to pursue your dreams in entrepreneurship and create something more through your struggles. She is a great example of persevering to accomplish your goals.

Connect With Collete Davis: 

Website | Facebook | @ColleteDavis | @TechDriveCo 

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