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“The best part about my job is bringing ideas to reality, and being able to see that manifestation.” - Kalin Kelly

About: Kalin Kelly- “Founders Broker”- Founder of The Connector Habit

Overview: Kalin Kelly is a talented young woman with a strong background in sales, communication, startups, and real estate. She shares the relationship between landlord brokers and what the commercial real estate is willing to give them. Kalin explains the troubles behind real estate in San Francisco and how having a “founders broker” can help so many young companies. Ergo- The Connector Habit.


Kalin’s Experience: She graduated from Berkley College and became a part of two startup companies that have given her the knowledge to know what founders actually need to begin. In her second startup, she became a marketing director, but later became interested in really changing the commercial real estate world. She realized there really is a disconnect and wanted to help solve the problem.

How It Works: Kalin’s job is to help tenants find the right space, negotiate a flexible lease, and make sure her clients are not going to be taken advantage of by the landlord.

Why You Need Kalin’s Help: Not only to not be taken advantage of, but to be educated on the market and to manage your expectations. She works with founders, non-profits, and more. She is determined to help her tenants find what fits their specific needs.

Cost: There is no cost to her clients. Her fee is actually paid for by the landlord.

Future Goal: Kalin has a passion for connecting, and is currently working on connecting people very humanly, in a disconnected social world. She is still working on the platform, so stay tuned for more information on that.

Guidelines for Entrepreneurs Choosing a Space: Start early! Focus on your team, don’t focus on your space- grow your idea. Be aware of the environment you’re looking to be a part of. Call a tenant rep.

Take Away: Choose to have a tenant rep, or a "founders broker" like Kalin, when searching for the perfect space for yourself, or company. There is more out there than what a landlord broker might be advertising. Kalin can help you find what best fits your needs, especially in a hard area like San Francisco.

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