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“For me, the health benefits of doing training, vs not doing training have been tremendous, both in terms of confidence and how I carry myself. If I could get half of that to people who train with us, I think it’s a successful business.” – AJ Shewki

“Working for someone is nice, but creating something from scratch can be a roller coaster, but at the same time it is very exciting.” - Yorgos Stavropoulos

About: AJ Shewki, Yorgos Stavropoulos, and Bjorn Wanbo - Co-Founders of FYTNS.

Overview: FYTNS is currently a locally based company in San Francisco. The goal at FYTNS is to connect people to great personal training. It’s also a platform for personal trainers to find a pool of clients who are looking for trainers. FYTNS allows trainers to become their own entrepreneurs where they don’t work for "the man" at the gym who takes a large percentage of their revenue. With FYTNS, these trainers get to structure their own workouts, and create their own schedules.

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What is FYTNS: A platform for personal trainers. Specifically, AJ & Yorgos are testing their platform in San Francisco because they feel that if they can get a startup off the ground in the bay area, then they will be able to take it anywhere.

Monetization: Currently: FYTNS simply takes a percentage of what clients pay to their personal trainers through the platform. Eventually, they’d like to have a monthly subscription fee that clients can pay to be involved in a variety of sports as well.

Funding: Private funding has been provided to FYTNS through close friends and family.

Background: Yorgos is originally from Greece and came straight to San Francisco where he met AJ. He enjoys the open community in America. AJ was born in a refugee camp in Sweden and later moved to the UK to work on his Bachelors degree. He then came to San Francisco to work on his Masters degree. For AJ & Yorgos, immigration has proved to be a major challenge in their quest to become entrepreneurs in America, but they're not giving up.

Advice for International Entrepreneurs in the US: If you’re not pushing the business forward, no one else will. As an entrepreneur, you are the only one accountable. So, make sure that you are constantly pushing your company forward.

Take Away: Although there have been challenges for AJ & Yorgos along the way, they are very passionate about fitness as a lifestyle. Their platform, Fytns, is here to help personal trainers become better entrepreneurs, and for those seeking a great personal trainer, to find the right match.

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