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 “There are no losers in innovation.” -Kym McNicholas

About: Kym McNicholas - Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Overview: Kym is a feisty go-getter and long-time broadcaster. She has worked as a journalist for Forbes and PandoDaily. Currently, Kym is involved as the Executive Director for the Extreme Tech Challenge.

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Kym’s Background: Kym has quite the resume, from professional water skier, to executive director of the Extreme Tech Challenge, Kym takes the cake on diversity. She graduated with a Communication Studies degree from Sacramento State University. Kym grew with a love of sports, and originally went to school for sports, but got a taste of broadcasting and ended up heading towards that direction. Throughout her life, she has been involved in many different types of broadcasting positions.

What is the Extreme Tech Challenge: Kym has been involved with many entrepreneurs and has worked with Richard Branson on the Extreme Tech Challenge. To learn more about what the Tech Challenge is and all those who have contributed, you can find it HERE.

Bucket list: Watch to find out what's on Kym’s bucket list. Hint: It includes Richard Branson

Struggles: Kym shares an experience where she drove out of her way to a TV station that asked her to come out, and upon arrival was denied in a big way. She’s also had other experiences that have attacked her personally. Kym has learned to have thick skin and to not let what people say get inside of her head. Through her trials, Kym has learned that everything always works out the way it is supposed to.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Just do. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t go to media too soon, because they often times rip apart your ideas. Don’t rely upon the media to promote your business. If your business can’t stand on its own, then it’s not a good business. Create a community, get on TV, and pay for advertising. Look for people who are going to offer positive criticism. You don’t have to get investment, you can bootstrap! You don’t always have to go the conventional route to be successful.

Take Away: Kym is an inspiring individual who hasn't let negativity drag her down. She teaches us that with will power, and a strong determination you can do and become whatever you want.

Connect With Kym:

Website | @kymbee

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