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155: Emma Ponsonby - Building an Empire

“We build businesses, we sell businesses, and we do it in a way that our businesses operate with a very high standard of integrity. Our businesses all focus on making a positive change in someway in the world, and also helping people fulfill their dreams.” - Emma Ponsonby

About: Emma Ponsonby- Founder of Emperia Ventures

Overview: Emma shares with us about her drive for being a part of Emperia Ventures- an ecommerce business currently in Dubai.

Emma Ponsonby



Dubai Community: When Emma came to Dubai 2 years ago, there was a very small startup community, but Emma feels more support has evolved for startups since being there- from the government, community, and other startups.

About Emperia Ventures: Emma started her first business in school designing logos for small entities all over the world. From that experience she really learned how to fend for herself. From there she went to New Zealand and worked with another design company. Over the last 13 years, she’s been involved in design, marketing, and e-commerce type companies. She got frustrated with the corporate world, and decided to do something on her own.

Emperia Venture's Intention: It is to help people build other startups and get them on their feet. All of these companies have a focus on lifestyle, or e-commerce. The people who come to Emperia Ventures have great ideas, but don’t necessarily have what they need to get started on their own. Emperia Ventures acts a bit like a VC, but not completely. They’re really focusing on bringing together creative industries with technology. Right now they’re building an e-commerce platform to create a unique experience for each and every customer.

Team Background: Emperia Ventures has about 25 people working for them at the moment. They are based in 9 different countries, and 11 different cities. However, soon they are going to have an office based in Dubai.

Business as a Woman in Dubai: Surprisingly, there is a lot of extra support for women in that area who are striving to make it in the business world in Dubai.

Raising Funds: They are operating with investors in the US, the UK, Australia, and the Middle East. It’s quite a tight family with these investors. Emma feels that with finding investors she has to be very clear with what their company is about to attract the right kind of investors.

Acquir.Me is the biggest project they are currently working on right now.

Shop By Mood: A current project they’re working on that focuses on emotions and mood based information. Through various ways, they identify what mood the customer is in, and how a customer makes a decision in an emotional state of mind. With that, they then try to help that customer make a purchase that makes them feel more fulfilled and satisfied with their purchase. They are planning to launch this platform as soon as they can this year.

Advice for Entrepreneurs in E-commerce: Be very clear with what you want to bring into whatever industry that you’re in. Research understanding what your customer needs and wants. You also really need to know who you are as an entrepreneur because when you’re sitting their with an investor, everything you haven’t dealt with is right in front of you at that meeting. Know your numbers, and know your company inside and out with these investors. These investors are investing in your just as much as they are with your business.

End Game for Emperia Ventures: Although it’s quite a long way away, it’s something that Emma will be focusing for a long time. She will continue to help build businesses, sell businesses, and helping people fulfill their dreams.

Take Away: Be confident in what you’re doing. Know yourself and your business well before you take your company to investors.

Connect With Emma:

Website | @EmmaPonsonby | AboutMe

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