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About: John Jenkins-Sr. IEM & Special Projects Manager for Intel

The following interview was conducted at the StartSLC conference in SLC, Utah January 29 & 30, 2015

Overview: John Jenkins is a tech representative for Intel. He primarily focuses on the startup tech community. He is here to find ways to support the startup community through resources that Intel has to offer. Specifically, in the mobile market and the X86 Architecture program. If a developer needs some hardware to test on, Intel is happy to provide those developers with that and John is there to help. For Utah, the funding and talent is there but has it's struggles.

John shares with us about the gap between brilliant engineers and their struggle to business/market their great ideas. One of the goals for Intel in Utah is to continue the support and building within the tech community of Utah. Eventually, they want to develop a plan that will bridge the gap for engineers and launching their ideas. John advises entrepreneurs to not be afraid to bootstrap as much as you possibly can. Although the entrepreneurial trend is all about gathering funding, don't feel like that's what you have to do.

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