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157: Ezra Winter- Taking Over the World with Social Media

"Treat your content like a comedian and treat your growth strategy like a business person." - Ezra Winter

About: Ezra Winter- Writer and Social Media Professional

Overview: Ezra is a social media and digital marketing professional who writes about his work and interviews interesting people in the field. He consults with companies and helps them boost their social media presence. His work has appeared in Complex Magazine and other popular outlets. Through this interview, Ezra shares with us how he maintains a work-life balance, and what a typical day in his life looks like.


What Ezra Does: Ezra helps companies with the social media strategy. For a few clients he does the actual posting, and also interacts with his client's followers. More frequently, he comes in to help train companies' staff, help set up accounts, and help share with those companies what works.

End Goal: Ezra would like to get his personal brand off the ground and focus on doing more live events. He has a background in performing and working with audiences, and so with that he'd like to be more involved with speaking engagements.

Typical Day: Ezra generally works out of his apartment and has the ability to set his own schedule. He never works 9-5. Typically, he might work really hard in the morning, then take a break during the day to eat, and go to the gym, and then he'll work hard again later in the afternoon. He definitely works more than 40 hours, but its on his own terms and so he really enjoys the flexibility.

Marketing Workshop: If you'd like to sign up for one of Ezra's workshop, he will be focusing on Twitter. It will be teaching you how to get more followers and how to keep them engaged.

Tips for Entrepreneurs using Twitter: For those personal accounts, don't post too often. Post things that are engaging and creative. Don't always be asking for things from your followers. Think of Twitter as a platform and not a broadcast.

Building Your Brand: If you struggle in the witty department but have great content to offer, don't stress! Ezra says you don't absolutely need to be funny. If you are putting information out there that is useful and practical, people will read it and apply it.

Work-Life Balance: Ezra shares that it's necessary to do a high quality of work but you have to know when to turn it off. First off, Ezra had to find the work-work balance and compromise between the writing and marketing aspects of his job. Right now, he is working about 60 hours a week, but takes time each day to create some balance in his personal life.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: For those trying to get their first gig, don't quit your 9-5 just yet. Ezra worked with a marketing company for a few years, while doing some things on his own time on the side until he had established some great clients. He shares that it's important to do this before quitting your 9-5.

Take Away: It's possible to come from a low place to living the lifestyle of your dreams. Although, it takes dedication, hard work, and actively applying your skills- it's worth the wait.

Connect With Ezra:

Website | Blog | @WinterEzra 

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