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161: Cody Campbell - Learn to Dance Like No One's Watching

"Define success in terms of what you want and not what other people want." - Cody Campbell

About: Cody Campbell - Co-Founder of The Dance Dojo

Overview: Cody shares with us his love for dancing and how we can learn to dance in the comfort of our own homes- embarrassment free. 


Background: Cody and his twin brother (who is also a co-founder) started dancing around 6th and 7th grade, but didn't start taking it seriously until the age of fourteen. They did a lot of break dancing, but eventually Cody grew to love hip-hop more, and spent time dancing until the age of twenty five. Cody and his brother were taken out of the dancing scene because of injuries, but still had a love for dancing and decided to start the Dance Dojo.

The Dance Dojo: Is a Salsa school that allows people to learn online. It's taking the traditional dance class online so you can learn from anywhere you want from world class instructors. The company was started back in April of 2014.

How it Works: The Dance Dojo's instructors perform in their own studios, record their dances each week through the Dance Dojo's curriculum, and then the Dance Dojo takes that recorded footage and uploads it online. Right now, it is a subscription service where customers can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. The Dance Dojo is constantly adding content to their website which increases the value.

Revenue: Year to date, growth has been slow because Cody and his brother have spent a lot of time on the curriculum, and building the company. They are hovering close to $1,000 a month, but are shifting that time from production and creation to the marketing aspect to make it a lifestyle company.

6 Month Goal: The Dance Dojo would like to get up to an additional 200 students enrolled in that timeframe. And the way that will be accomplished is to target salsa events and other sorts of events that are attracting large crowds of people who are doing salsa dancing. They'd really like to give people a taste of what they're doing by offering them a free month of classes, and offer surveys to learn what they like and dislike.

Business Model: For now, they are content with the model that they are offering because it's a reoccurring revenue. However, they are open to possible changes.

Travel: Cody has a passion for travel, and has spent a good amount of his time traveling with friends. He also like to travel alone. Through these experiences, Cody has learned a lot about different cultures and how to interact and understand those belonging to those cultures. Cody is constantly striving to push himself, and shares some of his favorite memories while traveling that have helped him accomplish that.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Define success in terms of what you want and not what other people want. Don't compare yourself to other companies who are further along than you are. Track the little wins, stay data driven, and celebrate those small victories.

Take Away: We learn from Cody that although life has its setbacks, there is always something next in line to propel us forward. Our passions can become our career.

Connect With Cody:

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