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162: Eder Holguin- Turning Hardship into Success

"Perseverance. Attitude. Knowledge." - Eder Holquin

About: Eder Holguin- Founder of Ideal Media Inc.

Overview: Eder Holguin takes us through what it was like growing up in streets of Columbia and his experience immigrating to America. He also shares with us how he became an entrepreneur at such a young age, and what the steps taken to to build a successful career.



Background: Eder grew up in a rough neighborhood in Columbia, and actually ran away from home at the age of thirteen. During that time, Columbia was the most dangerous place in the world. Eder ended up living in a small garage where he slept on cardboard boxes and spent all day selling cosmetics door to door which was the start to his entrepreneurial journey. As a young child, he was very shy and had to learn to develop his communication skills since selling was a matter of life or death for him. He knew that if he didn't seem pleasant people would not buy anything from him, so he had to learn how to be motivated, happy, and withstand rejection. On the street, Eder had a lot of offers to join gangs and although it seemed like an attractive way of life, Eder remembered the warning of his grandmother about resisting that type of lifestyle. 

Immigrating to New York: When Eder was 18 he moved to New York by way of Mexico (a 10 day journey). When he came to the states he had a goal to create the same business he did in Columbia, but soon found out that selling door to door in New York wasn't going to work out. As an immigrant, he did a lot of mundane jobs while trying to learn English.

Road to Success: Eder was interviewing for a restaurant job, when he was asked why he didn't do sales which got him thinking. He decided not to take the job he was interviewing for and got involved in sales. He sold computers, retail, print, and eventually made his way into digital media. Soon after he started building his own companies and became very successful because of his personal persistence to excel.

Education: Eder would work all day and attended school at night. He obtained a degree in marketing from a Columbian University prior to coming to America.

Books: Eder has written two books; Street Smarts and Dreaming of Hope Street (one of which is going to be made into a film).

Ideal Media: It started officially in 2013 but Eder was building the platform prior to that. The company provides content syndication opportunities and helps publishers create visibility for many news organizations.

Giving Back: Eder is involved in a couple of organizations that are non-profit. One of which provides scholarships for Columbian students. Another organization which helps homeless families in Columbia to build and own their own homes.  Eder and his wife will also be launching a new place to help homeless children in Columbia.

End Game: Eder has been shifting more towards speaking at different schools and events. He wants to invest in other companies and early stage startups. In the coming years, he wants to investor, advise, and mentor young companies.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Eder using this acronym to help himself, and others: P.A.K.- Perseverance, Attitude, Knowledge. He believes these are the three most important attributes you can have, and with these combined, you can accomplish anything.

Take Away: Eder is a powerful example of overcoming hardships in life. He teaches us that we can do absolutely anything we set our minds to. We are not limited to our circumstances.

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