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163: Elisa Miller-Out: Leading Tech for Change

"Look around your community, and rather than going out there and saying, 'who are the people who can do something for me?' Say, 'what can I do for everyone else?' And if you come at it with that attitude, good things will come back to you." - Elisa Miller-Out

About: Elisa Miller-Out- CEO of Singlebrook Technology Inc. and Co-Founder of Ithaca Venture Community

Overview: Elisa Miller-Out is a busy mother, wife, and co-founder of two companies who shares the experiences and challenges of being a female entrepreneur with Ever Gonzalez of Outlier Magazine. Find out what it is about Elisa that makes her stand out from the entrepreneurial crowd.

Singlebrook Technology


Singlebrook Technology: Is a custom web and mobile development company based in Ithaca, NY that specializes in web application development, mobile apps, integration, databases, content management systems and technology strategy consulting. Singlebrook was started ten years ago and some of their clients include: universities, non-profits, and startups. They think of themselves as the care takers of software for their clients.

Challenges for Elisa: Elisa has felt the pressure of being a female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry and strives to set an example and to act as a mentor for young women in the business. Overall, Elisa doesn't feel that she's had huge obstacles to overcome as a female business owner.

Females in the Software World: Elisa has noticed that the number of women applying for tech-like companies compared to men is still quite low. She feels that there is a stigma associated with females in the programming world and feels like that needs to change.

Ithaca Venture Community: The mission of this group is to promote and host different entrepreneurial activities that build bridges, strengthen networks, and support the startup community.

Biggest Challenge as an Entrepreneur: For Elisa, she has a lot going on in her life, and the biggest thing she is constantly working on is how to be efficient and organized.

Working with Her Co-Founder: Elisa co-founded Singlebrook Technology with her husband, and although she would love to talk about the company when they are home, they try not to talk about it too much at home. If it's necessary to talk about the company, they set up an actual time to discuss the issue/s at hand. As co-founders, they make sure they have a very open communication line, and respect one another completely.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Elisa loves the philosophy of "giving first." Get out there and volunteer your time and talents. Also, slow to hire, quick to fire. It's very essential.

Connect with Elisa:

Website @ElisaMillerOut

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