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164: Dan Lawrence - Telling Your Brand's Story

"The quicker you fail, the sooner you will reach success." Dan Lawrence

About: Dan Lawrence- Co-Founder and CEO of Hoodoko

Overview: Dan Lawrence is from India and is currently residing in Toronto, Canada and is the co-founder of Hoodoko. Dan shares with us his background, and what it's been like starting this company and where they plan to take it.

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Hoodoko: Is an online application for individuals to build their personal brand, tell their story the right way, and sell themselves according to their availability. Essentially, what Hoodoko provides is extremely simple tools for absolutely anyone who is producing professional services be able to build their brand and connect them with consumers. Hoodoko is open to a wide range of entrepreneurs, and is not limited to any specific genre of work.

Process: It takes about 30-50 seconds to sign up and use Hoodoko. Right now, it is completely free service.

Dan's Background: Dan is originally from India, where he studied business and got into advertising which then got him into graphic design. Dan works on the website design and business, while Hans (his co-founder) works on the development of the site. Both are working on Hoodoko as a side gig, while maintaining other full-time jobs. Dan is now living in Canada and has been residing there for a little over four years.

End Game: They would like to have as many service providers on Hoodoko as possible. There is an extremely large growth of service providers online, and Hoodoko would love to be the go-to site for that.

Biggest Challenge for Hoodoko: Initially, they were unsure of who their target market was, which was an element that held them back.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: The quicker your fail, the sooner you will reach success. Don't be hesitant to build a prototype first to find your market fit; it will be much easier to know which direction you should be heading towards.

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