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167: Mike Sheffield - Living Life on Purpose

"If you're feeling comfortable, you're not pushing yourself hard enough." Mike Sheffield

About: Mike Sheffield- Founder of Claim Greatness

Overview: Mike Sheffield is a young entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams. He shares his 6 step program he created to help anyone and everyone accomplish their goals.

Resolutions are Temporary


Background: Mike shares what it was like growing up in an entrepreneurial family and what changes he made early in his life to have the confidence to reach out to others, be surrounded by great people, and encourage them to be their best self.

Claim Greatness: Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, and being apart of many startups, Mike has always wanted to have an opportunity to take all of the things he's learned through that entrepreneurial journey and put it into a product to help others succeed and claim greatness. It's an online program (a self-based course with 6 modules) where you'll buy the product and have exclusive access to the members area. Each module is a protected video- a powerpoint presentation and supplementary PDF document that walks you through each of these steps. He breaks his company down into 6 parts, first step is knowing the "why" behind their goals. They also have a private mastermind group on Facebook where you'll get to work with Mike, and others involved in the group to help motivate each other and create a network.

Assessing Clients: Part of Claim Greatness, Mike will assess each client using MindMaps to help each person see what they like about themselves, and what they'd like to change. And also see where they are at in their life to get an understanding of where they want to be.

Communication: Mike reaches out to each client personally, invites them to get involved on the Facebook page, and contacts them frequently to help them achieve their goals.

Resources to Attain Your Goals: Mike shares the tools that he uses to help himself succeed. Currently, Mike uses a newer application called- CoachMe- it's an application where you can set your goals and can share these goals socially so others can help encourage you to make these goals happen. Another resource Mike uses frequently are TedTalks.

Definition for Success: Live life on purpose, with passion, and find fulfillment. Success is a journey, and it's not just a point you arrive at. Success is setting goals, and obtaining them, as well as creating the life you want to have. Mike doesn't want life to kick him around, he wants to dictate the kind of life he wants to have. He shares that you are the master of your domain, and if you want to be someone and something, no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Learn by doing- learn what you need to do to accomplish your dreams.

Take Away: Live life on purpose- do not let others dictate your life. Do not react, but be proactive about attaining your dreams.

Connect With Mike:

Website | @_MikeSheffield | Website/Outlier

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