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168: Cibelle Burger- Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Uniqueness

"[As an entrepreneur] I am flexible with my time because I own my own time." Cibelle Burger

About: Cibelle Burger- Founder of Inchworm Digital

Overview: Cibelle, born in Brazil, came to America in her teens. She originally started a business with her husband in 2010. She became heavily involved on the PR side, which then led her to start her own PR company called Inchworm Digital. Cibelle shares with us what it is about her company that helps her stand out from the rest, and what she advises entrepreneurs to do to be successful.



Background: Inchworm is a spin off from a company that Cibelle founded with her husband back in 2010, Septor Media (a film and media production company). With that company, she did a lot of PR and marketing for the company and for bands, people, arts, and culture. In addition to all of that, she founded a blog called- Indie Pop Nation- where she covers Indie pop and technology. All of this opened a path for her in PR- which is why she decided to start Inchworm. It is based in California, but the company is also open to Brazil where Cibelle is originally from.

How Inchworm Works: Cibelle is their as a company to help the unique features of her clients products stand out, and where she can place that particular product to get people to start talking about it and noticing it. She is there to offer her clients with new and unused advice. However, she's not trying to change things dramatically, just making the unique features of their company be presented the way it needs to be. For the most part, her clients are entrepreneurs and understand that's what she's trying to do and don't push back too much with how she works with their company.

How Inchworm is Unique: Cibelle really focuses on helping others create unique stories to share with their audience- and using angles that are not commonly used.

Woman in the Workforce: Although, being a woman in a male-dominated industry can be intimidating, Cibelle feels that she has just as much power and influence as a man in PR. Since she is used to working with the opposite sex, she has learned how to navigate her way through to shine through and be successful.

Struggles in PR Business: Cibelle says she feels like the hardest part about working in PR is cutting through the noise of all the other companies out there. Traditional media as we know it is being transformed- they're all moving to the digital world, and with that comes a great push for generating content. The challenge for PR professionals in general is to generate good stories online.

Balancing Work-Life: As an entrepreneur, especially in PR, it tends to be an around the clock business. But, on the plus side, Cibelle does have the ability to dictate her own time because she owns her own time.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: You should never be discouraged, no matter how many times you fail. If you have a product that you think will change the way we do things, and that you feel fills a very important need- work on perfecting it, defining it, and refining it because eventually you'll get there. Have a plan, and stick to it. It also helps to get your vision on paper- figure out the who, where, how, and how much.

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