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187: Peter Gould- Branding at a Deeper Level

"Spend time with an agency who will help you creatively connect and engage emotionally with your audience." Peter Gould

About: Peter Gould- Founder and CEO of Creative Cubed

BIO: Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur and digital artist. Over the last ten years he has been involved in the design and launch of many international brands and creative projects through his studio Creative Cubed, based in Sydney, Australia. His team loves to work with startups and entrepreneurs who dream big and are passionate about launching their ideas into the world. He has won several creative awards, launched his own apps & games, teaches branding workshops internationally, and reaches over 150,000 people from his Facebook page.

Overview: Peter Gould is an influential, innovative, and award-winning creative graphic designer who is highly sought after globally. Peter has touched many international audiences and throughout this interview, inspires us to travel the world and incorporate our findings into our work.



Background: Peter has always been the creative type, and when he got to high school he was very interested in graphic design. He ended up really enjoying it and decided to start his own graphic design company during college which proved to be an intense and challenging time of his life. However, it gave him some hands on experience in learning what works and what doesn't. Peter married at 21, and on his honeymoon, he was able to travel quite extensively through Europe. During that time he felt inspired to travel more and experience the world. He has been able to incorporate graphic designs inspired by his travel.

What is Creative Cubed: Creative Cubed is a branding and design studio located in Sydney, Australia that's been in business close to 10 years. They help people take their ideas/products and turn them into campaigns. They use a strategic design process to help them launch something that is going to be beautiful and achieve the results they are looking for. Their team is only about 5 people, and they prefer to keep it that way to really be hands on and give clients the time that they need.

What Sets Creative Cubed Apart: They've been able to use tools like Strategizer and Business Model Canvas to understand at a fundamental level what their clients want. Creative Cube believes that a company's brand is much deeper than just a logo. A company must think about what emotional response they want from people. It's an experience that is created over years of marketing and solid branding. Although the logo is a factor in getting consumers' attention, clients must focus on establishing some kind of relationship by thinking about the messaging, images, language, and the kind of personality they portray to their audience. All of those elements are delivered through social media, trade shows, emails, etc. Peter shares that this is where the brand process starts.

Process: Peter works with entrepreneurs by opening up Strategizer to discuss with his clients what their unique value proposition is, what their potential consumer's pain points are, how they plan to solve those problems, etc. Creative Cubed really wants to establish a deeper level of branding from the start.

Challenges for Creative Cubed: Peter feels that his challenges as an entrepreneur are like many others out there. He has to balance his work life, manage numerous responsibilities, and have the mental energy to work long days/weeks.

Goals: Creative Cubed has started to launch internal apps, books, and more. Peter would also like to work with people and their brands that are doing positive things like reaching out to other communities or providing service.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: You need to have people around you that support you and keep you inspired. Those kinds of people can direct you to helpful tips, sites, and other educational information. Make the effort to get out and network with other people. Peter also encourages you to pay particular attention to the design process of your brand. It's better to spend time with an agency who will help you creatively connect and engage emotionally with your audience. Read some great branding books or listen to some branding podcasts.

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