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192: Sarah Kathleen Peck Interview - Finding Balance

"One minute is enough."

About: Sarah Peck- Director of Communications at One Month, Founder and Writer of It Starts With

Sarah Peck is the Director of Communications at One Month, an essayist, a speaker, and an open-water swimmer. One Month is an online school for accelerated education that teaches people business and coding skills in as little as 30 minutes a day. Based in Brooklyn, Sarah is an intuitive relationship builder, a philosopher, and a deep lover of mind-body integration. She is a 20-time NCAA All-American swimmer who escaped from Alcatraz nine consecutive times, a yoga instructor, and a beginning dancer. She believes that communication is about finding the roots of our power and owning our deeper narratives and stories. With more than a decade of graphic design, marketing, and writing experience, her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Fast Company, 99U, Psychology Today, Life Hacker, Thought Catalog, and she has spoken at Berkeley, Penn, Harvard, the University of Virginia, Alive in Berlin, WDS, and more. When she’s not writing, creating, or teaching, you’ll find Sarah teaching yoga, doing open-water ocean swims, practicing her handstands, or hosting themed dinner parties for quirky, philosophical, compassionate groups of people.

Overview: Sarah is a well-rounded entrepreneur who is not only a certified yoga trainer, but is working on a book, has her own blog- It Starts With- and is also the Director of Communications at One Month. Each of these activities compete for her time, and throughout this interview, Sarah shares her secret to finding the balance.


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Background: Sarah attended school in Palo Alto, CA where she studied Architecture and Design. It was an opportunity for Sarah to look at how the physical world around us influences our daily decisions. After school, she launched her own publication, started a magazine, and eventually broke away to become a consultant. While being a consultant for a firm, Sarah worked for a lot of amazing companies and with her experience, decided to start her own company online. She was able to build a number of digital products and online classes. Most recently, Sarah started working with One Month- an online education company.

It Starts With: After wanting to join the online blogging scene for some time, Sarah took the plunge and started her own blog- It Starts With. In the beginning, she made it a point to publish something at least once a week and has been able to do that pretty steadily for the last 4 years. Now, her site has over 300 essays, and Sarah enjoys the connections she is making with her readers.

One Month: One Month is an accelerated education site that mainly teaches coding. About six months ago, Sarah was contacted by One Month and was asked to be their Director of Communications. Sarah focuses on all of the ways people find out about One Month. She writes blog posts, coordinates content strategies, works with social media, and has even taught a class. Currently, One Month offers 9 classes. They have already had over 30,000 students from 70 different countries. Some of their students have included individuals from Apple, Google, Harvard, and Duke. These students are hungry for knowledge, and One Month is excited to help educate in a different way.

Cost of Attendance: One Month recently turned to a subscription model. A student can take any single class for $49 for 1 month. If you wanted to take it over a slower period of time, then you can. Everything is taught via video and there are 5 different video speeds students can choose from.

Challenges for One Month: Sarah shared that One Month is trying to figure out the best way to do enterprise sales (B2B), and are in search of good team members, especially for their customer support system.

Work-Life Balance: Sarah understands that it's not humanly possible to do everything at once. Her main focus is One Month right now. She'd rather give her all in one area of her life at a time, and then give small amounts of time to other projects that will slowly build up. She often tells herself that one minute is enough. Instead of feeling discouraged about not doing all of her morning routine, Sarah will do 1 minute of yoga, 1 minute of meditation, 1 minute of journaling, and that's enough to trigger calm and peace for her.

5 Year Goal: Sarah hopes that in five years she will have a toddler, have her first book published, and continue on the path that she's on right now. She loves being around the people in her life and feels lucky to be learning all that she is.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Get out there and be uncomfortable. Even though there may be others out there who look like they know what they're doing, odds are, they don't either. Everyone has insecurities and weaknesses, just do your best with where you are.



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