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194: JobPiper Interview - The Science of Hiring

"We help companies build legendary teams, and we help individuals build legendary careers."

About: Derik Krauss, Ryan Harmon, & Adam Wilson - Founders of JobPiper

Overview: JobPiper helps employers find the right employees for their company. During this interview, we learn about the founder's story along with the ups and downs of starting JobPiper.



What is JobPiper: JobPiper is a young company that helps other companies hire with science (hiring the right person for the right position). Employers sign up with Job Piper (a software platform) and they then "clone" your top employees. They use assessments to determine what the qualities are of your top employee/s to help figure out the type of people that will fit best with your company. If you are a start-up that does not have an employee or employees yet, Job Piper will use information from research to put together a profile of what you should be looking for depending on your company and the position type.

Revenue: There are 2 main streams of revenue. When you sign up as an employer- it's free, and then there are up sales offered- one is called Candidness (a more in depth application a potential employee would fill out).

Challenges: It can be difficult to build something that everyone can use. JobPiper is striving to make this application available to everyone.

Staying Strong: JobPiper actually entered an accelerator program in Provo, and did not receive the funding they were hoping to receive, but were still very determined to make JobPiper happen. They will continue to work towards this company whether investors invest or not. Right now, as bootstrappers, they have a little bit of money to continue progress- but only have a few months left until the bank runs dry. So, they are trying to reduce the sale cycle, and work on website development. They've also become involved in another pitch competition.

End Game: The guys at JobPiper would love to see this company explode and continue to grow 20-30 years down the road.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: (From the JobPiper team) Hire with science- it can save your startup company. Be passionate about what you're doing. Show up and network- go to events, do anything to meet people. And lastly, start doing what you love.


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