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197: Sarah Peterson Interview - Finding Your Niche

"Your target audience is not a demographic, it's a mindset and a problem." - Sarah Peterson

About: Sarah Peterson- Founder of Unsettle.org

Overview: Sarah Peterson is an entrepreneur, traveller, and writer from Vancouver, BC Canada. She is the author of Unsettle.org, where she helps people stop settling for work they don't love.

Sarah is focused on what she is passionate about. Through that passion, Sarah has created a successful company where she teaches entrepreneurs how to stop settling in their career. During this interview, she shares some insightful tips on how to find your niche, your target audience, and why you shouldn't use ads to make money from your blog.



Before Unsettle.org: Prior to Unsettle, Sarah worked in HR, and was a finance blogger by night but it was not something she was completly passionate about. It didn't gain as much traction as she wanted in the 4 1/2 years she worked on it and she felt limited in her ability to travel and work on what she really wanted to do. So, she launched Unsettle.org where she "believes you should never settle for work you don’t love." Now, she only takes work/clients that she is excited about.

What is Unsettle.org: Unsettle is a website resource for entrepreneurs Sarah started in January 2015. It's a place where entrepreneurs are taught how not to settle for work they don't love. Although, Sarah doesn't believe that everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, she does believe that everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit in them that can be utilized within an organization or on your own personal projects.

Business Model: Unsettle.org is based around helping people for free. Her company makes money through affiliate income. Sarah only refers her audience to things that she actually uses and loves. She also does one-on-one coaching with clients and only takes on about 3 a month.

Training Tips From Sarah

How You Can Find Your Niche: In order to find your niche, there are four questions you should ask yourself:

1. What are your interests? 

2. What is your art? (i.e., builder, writer, homemaker, anything that you are creating is considered art) 

3. What are your unique skills? 

4. How can you help people? 

If you don't know where to start to find what you're good at, go to your best friend, or someone who you're very close to and ask them. Another great way to discover your talents, is to go through past greeting/birthday cards, or performance reviews where someone may have shared something specifically unique about you.

How to Find Your Target Audience: As you get into your business or niche, your target audience will change. You'll see the change as you determine which part of your business you're struggling with, and ask your audience what you can do to be better. By doing so, you'll create content while getting to know your audience on a more personal level. Remember, your target audience is not a demographic, it's a mindset and a problem.

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