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198: Kavit Haria Interview- The Three C's to Success

"As your certainty level rises, the ability for you to succeed becomes non-negotiable." - Kavit Haria

About: Kavit Haria- Founder of Insider Internet Success

Kavit Haria started in 2005 selling marketing education to musicians and built a 100,000 person email list generating $1MM + in annual sales.

He's the founder of Insider Internet Success where he helps clients set up automated marketing and sales funnels so they make six figures in their first year.

Overview: Kavit is a self-taught serial entreprenuer who shares how any entrepreneur can be successful. His company, Insider Internet Success is tailored for entrepreneurs who are willing to do what it takes to take their company to the next level.



Background: Kavit spent the first 11 years of his life in Nigeria, and later moved to London where he studied Genetics at a University in the UK. However, Kavit ended up getting involved in business. His journey in business started when he tried to get music gigs paying his tabla. He realized the importance of knowing how to market himself and started learning what he needed to do to get his name out there. Eventually, Kavit was able to get the attention he was looking for, and people started asking him how he was able to self-market. At that point, he figured he needed to put together some type of document that he could share with others. Kavit then created Ebooks from 2005-2009 (which was ultimately InsiderMusic) and based his Ebook's off 3 points: 1) how to get more exposure, 2) how to sell your CD's, 3) how to get more gig's and if you do all those things, how to quit your day job to be a musician. In order to be successful, Kavit participated in joint venture partnerships, google advertising, writing articles for magazines, and be interviewed by other music companies

What is Insider Internet Success: Insider Internet Success was founded in 2008 and started out as Kavit selling infoproducts (ebooks, CDs and seminars) to help people start their online business. Now, Kavit is recognized as a leading online business coach and lead generation expert, with more than 10,000 unique clients worldwide. They have a small team that is distributed between 5 countries. Insider Internet Success is a lead generation service and total business building solution that helps clients create a freedom-based business. Their philosophy is very simple: "Have fun, do exceptional, meaningful work, pay attention to the details, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us, give back, and keep learning." With the exception of 2 clients, every one of them have been successful. Currently, Kavit takes on 4 new clients a month.

How Kavit is Successful: 98% of Kavit's income comes from his email database. He writes emails every single day with quality content. Those who opt-in to Kavit's emails know that his emails will be a daily occurrence. Kavit shares that business owners or future business owners understand that learning is the key to freedom.

Challenges: It can be difficult to find the right salespeople, operation managers, etc. Kavit tends to put out 5-10 advertisements a week to find the right employee to keep them around for a long time. Kavit's company charges a high fee, but that is because he only brings the best talent to his team.

Tips on How to Sell: Have a niche and play to your strengths. Create material/content that showcases your value. Figure out what your target audience wants to know and create information that caters to them. Then, share that information in as many places as you can online. Eventually, you will need to get out from behind the computer to attend interviews, and events, which will help your company gain awareness.

Why Entrepreneurs Struggle: Fear tends to be the biggest inhibitor to any entrepreneurs success. In order to overcome the fear of moving to the next step, you just have to stop thinking so much about it, and do it. Give yourself permission to move forward and do it. It's not going to be easy; you have to work hard.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: If you're early in business, there are 3 critical C's that you must apply:

1. Clarity - Know what is that you want to do and bring clarity to your idea, which will then lead you to confidence.

2. Confidence - With clarity, confidence will come naturally and that confidence will add to your certainty of your company.

3. Certainty - Slowly builds up as you start to grow your confidence. It's something that happens subconsciously. And as your certainty level rises, the ability for you to succeed becomes non-negotiable. It becomes inevitable that you succeed because you bring to the table all that clarity, confidence, and certainty.

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