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199: Seth Greene Interview - Dominating the Marketing World

"50% of the success or failure of any marketing campaign is determined by the target market." - Seth Greene

About: Seth Greene - Founder and CEO of Market Domination

Overview: Seth Greene is an energetic marketing magician who shares how he started his successful company and what he recommends entrepreneurs do for their marketing needs.


Background: Prior to Market Domination, Seth was a retail financial advisor for a fortune 500 stock-brokerage firm. While there, he had a client who wanted Seth to work for him, so Seth decided to start his own marketing company. Once Seth had his first client, and it worked, he knew he wanted to pursue it. Right now, Market Domination is the fastest growing privately held marketing firm in the country. What started as a one-man band and has evolved to an office full of employees helping clients all over the nation in just 8 years.

What is Market Domination: Market Domination is a marketing company that helps solo entrepreneurs, fortune 500 companies and everything in-between. Seth shares that instead of offering low prices, his company offers educational content. They also do more outside the marketing niche, they work in 50 different industries, both B2B and B2C. In addition to that, Market Domination offers a money-back guarantee, depending on the service their clients hire them for.

Challenges: Seth has learned from past mistakes that he tends to be too trusting. He shared a story where he was counting on a client to move forward with their company, and had pre-hired employees just to work with that client. Turns out, they backed out from the deal and Seth learned that he will never spend money until the check has cleared.

Books: Seth is a 3-time best selling author with 6 books, and a 3-time nominee for marketer of the year.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: It's important that you read lots of books that are relevant to you (Seth is even offering a free one). Start with your target market. In order to determine who your target market is, use different methods of research via social media, surveys, etc. If by financial necessity, you're starting out and have to do it for yourself, learn enough to know what you don't know and make enough money so that you can eventually outsource your marketing. It's always going to be helpful to have someone else with a different skill set to help with your marketing plan.

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