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200: Juliana Crispo Interview - THE Sales Maven

"Sales has historically been a numbers game, but now it's becoming more of an efficiency game." - Juliana Crispo

About: Juliana Crispo - Founder of Startup Sales Bootcamp

Juliana Crispo is the Founder of Startup Sales Bootcamp, the first comprehensive online program that teaches founders and executives how to close larger deals faster and build out a repeatable sales process. Juliana has both sold and led sales at a variety of startups including Meltwater Group where she helped take their newest product from $0 to $13+ MM ARR and was consistently in the top 1% of sales people out of 600 others. She's now also the Director of Enterprise Sales at a startup where she's worked with her team to secure enterprise deals with over half of the top 25 internet retailers by revenue in less than year. She teaches her processes and best practices through Startup Sales Bootcamp

Overview: Juliana started the Startup Sales Bootcamp, after developing the sales process for startups from scratch. She has closed millions of dollars in new business with brands like Groupon, JP Morgan Chase and Staples, and also focuses on helping startups and their sales teams. During this interview, she shares with us how her company can help you, and 3 crucial steps to sending cold emails.



What is Startup Sales Bootcamp: This program was designed by Juliana to help anyone learn the powerful techniques of sales, and how to become a successful sales for your startup, or corporate gig.

Why Startup Sales Bootcamp: One of the biggest reasons startups fail is because they undervalue revenue. They tend to focus so much on perfecting the product, instead of doing pre-sales. If you haven't been in sales, it can be quite scary, and it can be easy to make multiple, simple mistakes. There is actually a science to sales, and if you can break that down and understand it you can become a successful salesperson. Juliana believes that sales people are made and not necessarily born that way. If you can't sell your own baby (company product) then you are not going to be successful. In order to lead your company and sales people, you need to prove to them that you yourself can sell that product. This bootcamp teaches the best practices, what to say and do, who to focus on, and how to cut through the BS and do things faster.

Why Pre-Sales: Juliana is an extremely deadline oriented person, and doing pre-sales for her company was a way to motivate her to get things done, period. Since she has pre-sold products before, she has offered discounts, and always lets her customers know that the product was not live yet. She shares that it is crucial to set expectations for your customers and to be honest with them.

When You Sign Up: You are given access to a series of videos, workshops, articles, a community, and access to help from Juliana herself. Juliana provides you with a step-by-step methodology to follow that teaches you how to use the data you have right now. She also provides you with templates on how to break things down, what to say, and how to handle rejections. Another aspect of her module, educates clients on how to negotiate contracts and help projects move forward. Once you sign up, you have access to this information for life.

Who Will Benefit: Generally, this bootcamp is going to benefit those who have to sell. Juliana even has VPs of Sales in her bootcamp along with people who have never sold. If you are really interested in getting better results and honing in on what's most important in sales, this bootcamp is for you.

Work-Life Balance: In order for Juliana to be successful she has to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Even though it's difficult, it's very important for her to say no to things that aren't going to benefit her. She has to be productive with the time that she has. Sleep is also valuable to Juliana's ability to balance her life. Because of the nature of her job, she has the ability to take a vacation and work remotely. Juliana feels that she is very aware of setting limits and knowing when she needs to slow down in certain areas of her work life.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: If there's one thing being in sales has taught Juliana, it's to have the audacity to go out and sell. Think about 1-2 people that you can simply cold call or email. Here are some tips on how to send a cold email:

1. Keep it under 3 sentences - you don't need to reintroduce yourself in the email. In the subject and first line of the email, get to the point.

2. Social proof - site a stat, or share a mutual friend. Do something that puts you as an authority.

3. Have a strong call to action - invite them to do something that is very direct, so it's easy for them to say yes or no, or to set something up. Don't make them work for it. It should be very easy for the person you are emailing.

Whatever you do, don't ramble, or do bullet points, or try to sell them. An email is only meant to get people live. Try to meet them in person if you can. Lastly, always follow up.

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