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201: Renee Warren Interview - Getting Media Attention to Your Company

"If you're an entrepreneur, the reality is that you're constantly marketing your company." - Renee Warren

About: Renee Warren - Co-Founder of Onboardly

Often referred to as a ‘geek in stilettos’, Renée has been in the marketing and entrepreneurship space since she was 17 years old. Having run a successful restaurant at such a young age, she quickly learned the necessary skills and tactics needed to promote her companies.

Overview: With a long-term background in entrepreneurship and marketing, Renee shares tips on how to help your startup succeed and how her team at Onboardly can help.



Background: When Renee was 17 she started her own restaurant with her sister. It was a seasonal thing that she did during the summer for four years. Her restaurant did very well and provided her with the means to pay for her college education. She went on to attended a well-known business school in Canada and continued her entrepreneurial journey from there.

What is Onboardly: Onboardly works specifically with funded tech startups to help them with customer acquisition. They do this through PR content marketing and social media. Renee and her co-founder Heather, started the company after coming together to collaborate on some projects. Onboardly works with clients for a minimum of 6 months. Their goal is to create relationships on behalf of their clients and not for their company. When these clients leave the company's help, they have established long-term connections. 

Webinars: Service base business can be difficult to scale. You'll always need someone trying to sell their (Onboardly) type of service. The purpose of their free webinars are to educate potential clients and hopefully increase their sales. By doing so, it gives their audience a chance to know them, understand what they do, and how they can help them.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: If you're thinking about PR/marketing for your company, in order to be effective, it's a process. If you are developing anything for your company, you need to start working on your message from day one. It's also important to create relationships with journalists, writers, and podcasters. These types of people will help you extend your brand. Start following certain writers from different publications you'd like to be highlighted on, and see how or where your service can fit in with them. Don't ask favors from people unless you've done something for them first. If you're shy, you're going to have to get over those hesitations, follow other entrepreneurs you look up to, and get yourself out there.


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