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202: Gary Griffiths Interview - Marketing on Facebook the Right Way

"If you're happy, enjoying what you're doing, and it's aligned with your purpose, then you are successful." - Gary Griffiths

About: Gary Griffiths- Founder and CEO of ThreeSides

As a husband, and father of four, Gary was desperate to break free from the corporate shackles that whilst being financially rewarding, were soul destroying and kept Gary away from his family too frequently.

Breaking free in January 2015, Gary's mission is to now Amplify, Inspire and Do more good in the world. If you're interested in doing more good in the world, Gary offers some advice for you in his manifesto here - www.threesidesinc.com/manifesto

Overview: Gary is a Facebook marketing expert. During this interview, he shares how to properly market on Facebook, and how his company, ThreeSides, is giving back.



How ThreeSides Started: After becoming involved in the corporate world, Gary found that the more money he made, the unhappier he became. In 2014, he had a health wake up call that made him realize what he was doing was not what he wanted to pursue. Then, in January of this year, he was laid off and decided he was never going to work for someone else again.

What is ThreeSides: ThreeSides is a Facebook marketing agency that designs, creates, optimizes, and manages people's Facebook marketing funnels to attract more clients. They also create content, manage ad campaigns, and generate leads for clients. The three purposes of this company are to amplify, inspire, and do more good in the world. ThreeSides specifically wants to generate leads for those who are helping the world be a better place. They want to inspire entrepreneurs to care more about just creating money with their business. ThreeSides will soon be launching a podcast that shares their impact report, and stories of those who are giving back.

How to Use Facebook Properly: Gary shares that if you want to sell on Facebook, it's important to run ads to educate your audience, and not to sell them. People are not on Facebook to buy. It's critical that a proper Facebook funnel is used. 

Challenges: Some of the challenges of ThreeSides include: continuing to grow, building out their systems, and bringing the right team onboard to help ThreeSides scale.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

How To Make Your Facebook Marketing More Effective

Warm Audience: People that are already on your email list, have visited your website, or have liked your FB page are considered a warm audience. With that, you can use Facebook advertising to dramatically increase your warm list.

Cold Audience: Take one of those warm audiences, say your email list, and FB will analyze all the different data points on your email list and they will come up with a look-alike audience to help you identify where your target audience might be. You will then be able to run ads towards that audience which will motivate them to take action.

With this information, you can enter in a niche product, or data that will narrow your audience. This in turn will help you reach the right people within your audience.

Podcast: Purpose Before Profit- Launch Date: August 7, 2015

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