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203: Micki Krimmel Interview - Superfit Hero

"I am my customer." Micki Krimmel

About: Micki Krimmel - Founder and CEO of Superfit Hero

Overview: Micki Krimmel is an empowering woman with experience in entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, and even roller derby. Her company, Superfit Hero, is all about making women feel confident and supported in their fitness clothing. Read more about how her clothing is unique to other performance clothing on the market.



Background: Micki comes from an athletic background in roller derby. She has been competing for the past 8 years and her current team is 8th in the nation. Roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It's an extremely competitive amateur sport that is also full contact. It's been her experiences with roller derby that have pushed her to create high quality fitness clothing for the average-sized woman.

What is Superfit Hero: It is a high-quality line of performance clothing designed to make women feel confident and supported through their workouts. Through research, Micki found that most major active brands only make women's clothing up to a size 12 even though the average size of a woman is 14. Micki shares that there are a lot of misconceptions about larger women and their interest in athletics and she is here to redefine fitness. She wants women to know it's ok to be muscular, athletic, and bigger than women in pop culture.

Clothing Quality: Micki has gone above and beyond to ensure the quality of her performance clothing line. Their sizes range from XS-3X. Not only does her company use high quality fabric, but their factory in LA is accustomed to working with athletic gear. She has even made sure the manufacturer uses flat lock stitching to prevent chaffing. A unique supportive waistband is used to prevent the dreaded muffin top. Like Micki said earlier, her clothing line is designed to make women feel confident. It's been tested in all types of workouts including running, cross fit, and roller derby. The fabric also holds up very well against velcro on athletic protective gear. Micki has put in a lot of work to create a very technical garment which is something women in larger sizes have not had access to.

Competition: Although Superfit Hero does make bigger sizes than most popular brands, there is still competition. However, there is a trend in fashion where people are looking for smaller boutique brands that they can connect with emotionally. Micki feels that her message is unique, that her market is unique, and that others are not serving it yet. Her goal is never to compete with budget brands like Target. Superfit Hero is for women who want to make a statement with their workout clothing and are passionate about fitness.

Biggest Challenge: Micki has a background in entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing, but fashion is fairly new to her. Because of that, clothing production has been the most challenging. There are a lot of logistics with multiple vendors and it can be difficult to coordinate all the pieces involved.

Future: Although Micki would like to keep the boutique-y feel to her company, she does want to grow. Eventually, she would like to hire assistants to help with design so she can focus on the branding and marketing aspect of the company.


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