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204: Youssef Darwich Interview - Simplifying the Hiring Process

"Get out there and immerse yourself in the startup culture." - Youssef Darwich

About: Youssef Darwich - Co-Founder of JobMine

Overview: Youssef lives in London, and left his career of investment banking to pursue what he was truly passionate about. Now, he works full time on his company, JobMine, and is all about helping companies, and potential employees have a smoother hiring process that brings personality to life.



Background: Youssef was involved in investment banking, and got to a point where he wasn't passionate about the road he was on. He decided he wanted to do something different, and was introduced to the world of startups. Youssef and his co-founder began discussing ideas and tested the idea they liked most, got some traction and good feedback and then focused on building JobMine.

What is JobMine: JobMine is a platform which enables applicants to portray their personality when they're looking for a job, and enables employers to find that perfect personality when they hire. Individual companies post specific requirements and then potential candidates upload a video cover letter as to why they are suited for the job they are applying for. Instead of a hiring manager having to manually go through each resume, they can simply select the potential employees they'd like to submit a video.

How They Gain Clients: Their mission is two-fold. They sell directly to company's for them to use their application, and then they also team up with networks with users already looking for jobs on their sites. It's a great way to get a large number of users in one shot.

Challenges: It can be hard to explain how the software works initially because it's something completely new to the market. It can also be difficult to help potential clients understand exactly how things flow. And to see why this app is so needed for their business.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Get out there and do it. Build that initial product that helps you see if there is market with your product or not. Pay for a little bit of advertising to see how many people click on your idea. That allows you to take off a lot of assumptions before you fully move forward.


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