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205: Laurie Davis Interview - Love @ First Click

"You don't need an MBA or seed money to start a company." - Laurie Davis

About: Laurie Davis - Founder and CEO of eFlirt, and Author of Love @ First Click

Laurie Davis is the CEO & Founder of eFlirtExpert.com, an online dating concierge service. She is also the author of the best-selling book, Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

Overview: Laurie is a true outlier who shares with us how she started her company, eFlirt, with only $50 and a Twitter account.



How eFlirt Started: About six years ago, at the depth of the recession, Laurie was working for Fortune 500's as a marketing consultant and lost all her contracts. At that point, she realized everything that she had been doing for companies, was applicable to relationships. This led her to start eFlirt in 2 days with $50 and a Twitter account.

eFlirt: eFlirt is an online dating concierge service. They are here to help people optimize their experience with online dating. Although they are located in New York, their online platform connects clients from all over the country. Their services are all personal and vary depending upon the specific needs of the client. Many of their clients are entrepreneurs who struggle to have enough free time to date.

How eFlirt Can Help: In order to stand out, Laurie says you need to know what you're doing- how to word your profile, etc. When you come to eFlirt, their team will put you on different sites depending on what you're looking for and what your needs are. They also help with coaching as a relationship evolves. eFlirt is here to help clients think with their hearts as well as their heads.

How it Works: eFlirt offers different packages, but their 4 month package is the most popular. More than 50% of their clients are in relationships after working with eFlirt. Their goal is to focus on quality not quantity. eFlirt does not guarantee a specific number of dates, but will do what it takes to help you meet the right person. They are not matchmakers, but will help you look your best self.

Challenges: Clients need to be more open, there's a reason why their typical "type" hasn't worked in the past. Another challenge is clients approach their love life like it's a business deal and need to learn to manage their emotions and expectations.

Business Challenge: Scaling will always be a challenge because it will always take more people to bring on more clients.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Lead with passion. You will spend so many hours with your business that you need to love it. You don't need an MBA or seed money to start a company, you just need passion, drive, and hustle.

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