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207: Myke Metzger Interview - Making Your Mark

"You will act the way that you look and feel." - Myke Metzger

About: Myke Metzger - Entrepreneur, Internet and Network Marketer, and Founder of The Social Campus

Michael Metzger is a 26 year old entrepreneur based out of Richmond, Virginia. His journey begins in Long Island, NY where he grew up watching his father, an All American 4x New England Wrestling Champion, work hard to achieve his goals, raise a family, and attend college. Most would think that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor, or possibly a lawyer.

Overview: Although Myke is a young in his entrepreneurial field, he is breathing new life into what already exists in the social media world. Learn what Myke does to help other business owners, and how he landed on this path.

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Background: With a dad that was heavily involved as a sports medicine doctor, and parents that divorced, Myke was left without much guidance and direction in his life. In high school, he was involved in computer graphics, and photography. And through these extra curricular classes, he saw the power of making money online. At the young age of 18, Myke started designing and was generating income through PayPal. After 18 months, taxes came around and Myke learned some hard lessons. This experience led him to working for others and was often fired from every job he had. Through a series of event, Myke eventually landed in the social media sphere and saw the need to help educate others about using what's already out there for free.

Social Campus: Is an online course that Myke started to help others learn how to reach online success. He shares that there are so many people out there who want you to buy new software and applicatoins to try and get you to success, but there are so many things in the world that are free. Myke wants to teach you how to use what's already available to you online that won't cost you a thing.

How It Works: When someone signs up for social domination mastery, they will have a series of video modules available to them. In these videos, Myke walks through how to use the different social media outlets. He takes complex things and breaks them down very simple for people to understand. These tutorials can be done at your own pace and there is plenty of content for you to use. If Twitter isn't your thing, than you don't have to do that portion of the modules. The site will help point you in the right direction.

End Result: After going through Social Campus's course, you will be able to build a massive target following.

Periscope: People who follow Myke on this application will be notified when Myke goes live and will have access to tutorials that are new to his audience. (This is a free application that anyone can download and use.) The main objective for Myke is to build a reputation as a blueprint to give someone. Myke will be building these tutorials for the month of August and while it's live it will be free. However, once August is over, Myke will take what's been recorded and monetize from that.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Start now because it's never going to be the perfect moment. Confidence is always a huge factor in your success. You will act the way that you look and feel. Portray the way you want to become. Take your current situation to the next level; it will change everything around you in a positive way.


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