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208: Adam Dicker Interview - The Domain Expert

"If you have money you can be rich, but you can only be truly wealthy if you have time." - Adam Dicker

About: Adam Dicker - Serial Entrepreneur, Domain Expert, and Former VP of GoDaddy

Adam Dicker is a coach, speaker and domain expert who owns multiple businesses including the most popular domain forum DNForum.com and the award winning internet marketing and web development agency, NicheWebsites.com. He has a domain portfolio of over 38,000 domain names and has sold many for 6, 7, and even 8 figures. In addition to being named one of the 20 most influential people in the domain industry by Logistik Labs, he often presents at leading industry conference traffic and was elected to their Domain Hall of Fame in 2011. Adam is the former VP of GoDaddy’s Domain Aftermarket and is a successful serial entrepreneur. He is a self-made success and loves to teach others to do the same. He offers many services and a free video course on his website www.AdamDicker.com.

Overview: Adam comes to us with years of experience in the domain world, and business in general. He shares the direction of his entrepreneurial journey, and what he's doing now to help others create sustainable businesses.



Business Journey: Adam's goal is to help people build sustainable businesses with monthly income. When he got into the domain industry, he went to dmforum.com. After reading and studying about the company, he made an offer to buy the forum. Now, it's over 500,000 members strong. Although he is an expert in domain names, he has experience with companies all over the board. Since he dove into the online world, Adam has built a large web design company, branched out to online reputation repair for companies, individuals, businesses, etc, and even runs a cord bank for cord blood stores.

Adamdicker.com: 4 years ago, Adam started another company that helps his clients learn how to buy and sell domain names. At adamdicker.com, you pay a small monthly fee of $29 and Adam will teach you everything you need to know to build a sustainable, successful business.

End Game for Adamdicker.com: Adam truly wants to give back to a service that has given so much to him. His company doesn't have a hidden agenda, it only wants to help. The more people that are successful, the better it is for the industry, and the better it is for everybody.

Success Tips: If you want to be profitable in the domain business, Adam shares it's important to avoid buying domain names without knowing their market value first. He encourages you to do your research, know what you're getting into, manage your time, and set goals every single day. As a business owner, Adam says that it's crucial that you delegate, but know what's going on with your business on a daily basis. Don't keep your hands in every pot, but be informed about each section of your company.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: You can't let people discourage you from going after your goals and reaching your dreams. Yes, you will have mistakes along the way, but that's OK. Only consider buying a domain name if you can figure out how to build a business off that domain name. Don't get into any industry until you've done a lot of research, and you know what you're doing. Don't waste money on something that you don't know much about. Keep your drive, focus, and work ethic alive. Make sure you have balance, or an escape- something to relax your mind. In addition, Adam gives 3 specific points of action:

1. Don't be afraid to take a chance - sometimes it's very hard, and you may try 10 different things, but if one of those ten things works, then you're doing something right.

2. Read, read, read - Find out all the problems in your industry your pursing, so that you know how to handle what will come in the future.

3. Read Body Language by Julius Fast - This book will teach you how to handle people, how to read people, how to make people feel comfortable, and how to take the lead. It will help you close more deals, get more sales, and be more successful.

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