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215: Julie Bishop Interview - The Social Jobseeker

"I love working with young candidates...because they have so many skills. However, they don't realize that they can use these skills in businesses...[I love] showing them how those skills can help in a business environment." - Julie Bishop

About: Julie Bishop - Founder of Jobhop

Julie Bishop is the founder of Jobhop.co.uk, the site where great companies and great candidates meet, the site which makes employment human.

Julie is passionate about showing companies how to attract talent and keep them, as well as showing candidates how to market themselves.

Author of “The Social Jobseeker” she’s also a regular speaker on social media topics, the future workplace and digital natives.

Julie provides training on attraction and sourcing for companies who want to acquire great candidates.

Overview: Julie is a true definition of a disruptor. Through years of experience in the entrepreneurial world, her social recruiting company, Jobhop, will stop at nothing to help talented young candidates find their dream jobs.


Background: Julie started her entrepreneurial journey with a catering business in London. Seven years laters, she sold that company and started a cleaning company that focused on using environmentally safe products. While trying to franchise her cleaning company, Julie got tired of being so dependent on recruiting agencies and had an overall frustrating experience. Julie thought if she could just create a platform that would make this process smoother it would be better for everyone involved. So, in 2011 Julie started playing with the idea of Jobhop, a social recruiting platform, which has since evolved into a successful company.

Jobhop: Jobhop is here to help potential employees find their dream job and educate companies on how to be social and how to attract the younger, talented generation. They are here to help potential employees recognize the jobs out there that need their skills. 

How It Works: Go to their website, jobhop.co.uk, make a profile, reach out to the companies that interest you (follow them), become apart of the community, and link yourself with a hopper to find the job of your dreams.

Challenges: There is a struggle to educate employers and helping them fully understand the benefits of social recruiting.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: For employers- think about the candidate experience. If they have an unhappy experience with the hiring process, they will let the world know. Have your hiring process transparent. Let those who are coming in to interview know the exact process and what to expect. Happy employees equal happy customers. Culture is the most important thing to the company.


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