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217: Liz Lockard Interview - The Google Analytics Chick

"Tune into your ideal client...who are they, what do they want...and where are they online?" - Liz Lockard

About: Liz Lockard - Marketing Consultant, SEO and Google Analytics Expert

Overview: Liz is an SEO/Marketing pro who is here to make your online presence a smoother ride. Throughout this interview, Liz provides us with some insight tips, tricks, and how we can fix mistakes we may be making with our websites.


Background: Liz's business background started as an in-house marketer for a corporate law firm. Once Google analytics stepped into the scene, her marketing department took notice and handed her that responsibility. 

How Liz Can Help: Liz helps those who are ready for help. She tends to work with smaller teams. 

Focus on SEO and Google Analytics: Liz tends to work better with service providers who have already bought into the idea of maintaining a blog, and producing content. She loves working with many different types of niche companies, and has a unique approach to each client need.

What to Expect When Working with Liz: Liz will either work with you on SEO, Analytics, or both- depending on what works best for your website. Liz works with you once a month to develop an ideal client focus strategy which is covered in three different areas: keyword content strategy map, cleaning up text, and finally developing an outreach plan that overlaps with where your clients are hanging out online, and what you're doing with your business with the connections you already have.

What is Google Analytics: The real thing you're trying to determine with google analytics is what marketing channels are working for you and which are not. There are 2 overall metrics that Liz looks at on analytics- visits (the quality of visits) where you can view the bounce rate. Your bounce rate, at its simples definition, is the rate that people are landing on your website and when they're leaving. You always want to see a lower bounce rate rather than higher. There are two things to watch out for: If you have a bounce rate lower than 20% or at 100%, then there tends to be something wrong with your coding. In terms of averages, you can visit Kiss Metrics to help determine what an average rate should be for your company. If you have a blog, 60-80% bounce rate is considered normal.

Goal: Liz really enjoys the coaching aspect and doesn't ever plan on stepping away from that. If anything, she'd like to do some group coaching in the next three years, but right now she is happy with her one-on-one coaching.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Make sure you have analytics on your site. Optimize each page on your website with a different keyword. Pay attention to what your ideal clients are saying/wanting. If you're new to SEO make sure to clean up any tech errors (such as: your accidentally blocking web pages on google, having duplicate content errors, etc).

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