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228: Jessica Chitkuer Interview - Activist, Millennial, Doer

"I've always been passionate about the women's empowerment movement." - Jessica Chitkuer

Jessica Chitkuer - Founder of Lean In Chicago

About: Jessica Chitkuer is the Founder of Lean In Chicago, a Google Community Leader, and a lover of disruptive technologies. She’s a bright college student who’s always a step ahead of the game. When she was 14, Jessica took her first step in the direction of entrepreneurship by turning day-old donuts into a $7K venture. When she was 15, she secured over $30K in donations for her high school’s foundation board. The following year, she worked with Senator Lou Correa to create a non-profit organization that expanded to serve over 500 under-privileged high school students in undeserved communities.

When she was 18, Jessica was listed to Teavana’s National Top Sellers, becoming the fifth highest-grossing seller in the United States within her first two weeks of employment. Before turning 20, Jessica organized a sold-out TEDx Talk, has won many hackathons and startup weekend competitions, led a successful referenda to kick Starbucks Coffee off her campus, and has been named a California Young Hero. In her free time, Jessica works with United Nations Women to promote gender responsive financing. 

Connect With Jessica:

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