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232: Geoff Talbot Interview - Seven Sentences

"Know the why behind your business" - Geoff Talbot

Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder of The Seven Sentences Blog

There is no way that you can put Geoff Talbot in a box, you cannot make hi,, fit a particular paradigm because in his heart he is an adventurer, a risk-taker who has avoided the box at all cost.

So instead, he gives us 4 short one-sentence stories that may give you a sense of who he is.

If you are sitting in New Zealand watching television in 2006, you might have seen Geoff working as a Veterinary Surgeon in a documentary called “Animal House,” — that’s right he used to be a Vet until the right side of his brain took full control of hiw body.

If you were at “The Mumford And Sons” Tribute to Steinbeck in Monterey, California in 2012, you may have seen him up onstage with these award winning grammy artists as he performed a scene from The Grapes of Wrath.

If you check out some of the pages on his blog (http://sevensentences.com), you will also see that he is an innovative Digital Strategist who has helped hundreds of businesses, brands, and artists use the digital space in incredibly powerful ways that have been beneficial to their bottom line.

And lastly, if you’ve connected with him on Twitter, you will see that one of his major goals in life is to change the world through friendship.

Connect With Geoff:

Website | Facebook | @GeoffTalbot


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