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284: Adam Rue Interview - Festival Sounds

"I think entrepreneurship is the best way to live your life." - Adam Rue

Adam Rue - Founder of St George Design & Festival Sounds

"I guess my story begins in high school. Nothing really important happens before then right? I grew up in a suburb of LA and wanted to go to college somewhere not too far away, that had some snow, and a ski resort, so SUU and Cedar City became my home. My goal was to be a radio DJ. Then about half way through, I realized how much (not very much) Dj's actually make, and so I turned my focus to Marketing. I ended up working at the marketing Department of Brian Head Resort, which was fun and very interesting for me. After I graduated, I became the executive director for Brian Head, in charge of lots of events, marketing and a visitor's center. That let me to the Cedar Beaks Lodge, where i became the marketing director, which was even more fun and I really enjoyed.

After I had had enough of the snow and extreme weather in Brian Head, I decided to move back to LA and see how i could do there. I ended up the marketing Director for a Court Reporting Firm. This led me into web design, which was just becoming a very integral part of marketing at the time. There was no photoshop, or wordpress, juts html code, frontpage and a couple design programs. So I started teaching myself how to build and take care of websites. i ended up with a few clients in my spare time that i would help with their sites. I realized quickly that this could easily be a full time job.

After a few years in LA, and meeting my current wife, we decided to move back to Utah. I started St. George Design in 2009 after a brief job managing a subcontracting office. I really love what i do, and I feel I bring an aspect to design that most designers and programers do not... that is MARKETING!

So now I manage and own St. George Design, providing websites and print design to customers all over Utah, Nevada and California. I really love what I do, and hopefully will continue at this until websites go out of style.

I have 2 kids, Jake (7) and Sydney (10) and a beautiful and talented wife (Colleen) who is a radio personality on Planet 94.1. My alter-ego is that I am a wedding and event DJ for Festival Sounds. You can usually hear me announcing the St. George City races, and the Washington City races, and at all sorts of events around the country."


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stgeorgedesign.com | festivalsounds.com 


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