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293: Ahna Hendrix Interview - No Nonsense, Only Excellence

"It's important to me, in my lifetime to encourage and empower the people around me." - Ahna Hendrix 

Ahna Hendrix  - CEO of ARCH Digital Agency

Ahna is the CEO of ARCH Digital Agency, a full service social media marketing agency comprised of well-known industry specialists. ARCH launched in October 2014, became a go-to social media agency for tech, entertainment, and retail brands, and was named the 33rd most influential social media brand in its first year. In 2015, Ahna grew her skill set to encompass live streaming capabilities for clients and worked with multiple brands to livestream events, including the a recent collaboration with MentorMate at MobCon in Minneapolis, MN.

Before ARCH, Ahna managed social media accounts with a variety of clients - from a neurofeedback doctors to fine art nonprofits to tech startups in Silicon Valley under ahnahendrix.com. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication with a degree in MultiMedia Journalism. Her experience led to designing campaigns for MTV, Eva Longoria, Wolfgang Puck, National Geographic, De Beers, and many more. 

Her private life is consumed with yoga, finding reasons to get outside, traveling to new places, geeking out with tech, salsa dancing, spending time with family & friends, and being a food and wine snob. She's known for her big smile and loud laughter, and greatly enjoys verbal battles.


Connect With Ahna:

Website | ARCH Digital Agency | Facebook | @AhnaHendrix


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