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Ep 370: Loretta Cella Interview - Passion to Lead

"If there is one thing that successful leaders do is that they stop. They take a time-out in their busyness and take even an hour a week to explore their role in creating success within their teams." - Loretta Cella

Loretta Cella, Founder and Curator / Passion to Lead / Leaders For Humanity

Founder, educator, mentor and innovator Loretta Cella is no stranger to leadership. With over 15 years experiences in human services in 10 countries she has assisted an array of diverse people and communities in the world. Loretta holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and is a certified Prosci change manager. In 2007, Loretta founded Passion to Lead a charity that has now supported over 5000 young women globally to gain leadership skills and create meaningful community projects. As the curator of Leaders for Humanity she works with an array of clients to support their personal and professional development.


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