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Blankspaces is a brand of coworking offices in Los Angeles. Since 2008, they have cultivated a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers who share office space to collaborate. From private offices to a communal WorkBar, they have flexible plans for a variety of sizes for any workstyles. Blankspaces also has a variety of meeting room spaces that can be arranged to fit different events needs. 

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Don't be afraid, you will fail and it's okay, keep plugging away." - David Kressel

David Kressel - Founder/VP at NotaryCam

NotaryCam has completely redefined the notarization process, providing the highest level of security possible, including positive verification as to the originality and integrity of the document to be notarized and absolute assurance the signer and notary are who they say they are. To prevent fraud before it occurs, we visually record the signing session and a personal information questionnaire must be completed by the signer.

Connect With Professor David:

Website | Facebook | @Kressel | @NotaryCam




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"Hire slow but fire fast." - Jeremy Dann

Jeremy Dann, Professor of Entrepreneurship at USC Marshall, Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Professor Jeremy Dann discusses the top three issues entrepreneurs struggle with. Find out what they are. Professor Dann's work has focused primarily on new product development, creative marketing strategies and effective organizational practices for encouraging innovation.


  • Company Entrepreneurship
  • Business Plans
  • Team Selection
  • Virtual Teams
  • Ivory Tower


Ever Gonzalez | Melinda Yeaman | Professor Jeremy Dann

Connect With Professor Dann:


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"I see myself as helping my clients leverage the internet  and online media" - Dan Lundmark

Dan Lundmark - Principal at Lundmark Newmedia & Co-Founder of Appr.TV

LUNDMARK newmedia integrates solutions for online, print, interactive, and video production. Dan has worked on projects over the years that have included web development, interactive CDs for Sony and Warner Bros. LUNDMARK newmedia has also produced promotional videos, animation workshops at the American Film Institute, and brand ID, print collateral, and online content management systems for Long Beach public schools.


Melinda Yeaman | Dan Lundmark | Ever Gonzalez | Andrew Grossman


  • Long Beach, CA
  • Internet Boom
  • 3D Printing
  • New Media
  • Co-working Space
  • Air Swimmers
  • Collaboration & Relationships


"Time can be another form of poverty." - Dan Lundmark

Connect With Dan:

WebsiteLinkedIn | @danboarder

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Award-winning brand consultant developing strategy, identity and digital media solutions for varied clientele. Industries/markets include hi-tech, luxury real estate, resort, online retail and community destinations, content publishing and the arts. Platforms include, digital media, website and mobile applications.

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"Members are what really make a co-working space work" - Ted Sieving

Robbie Brown - CEO 

Ted Sieving - COO

Work Evolution Laboratories (WE Labs) is Downtown Long Beach's first coworking community: an inspiring environment designed for innovators and influencers. We are homebase for a variety of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. They enjoy scalable work spaces, and amenities such as high speed internet, coffee, and a live social network of dynamic professionals. Members can bounce ideas off of each other, share resources, gain feedback, and learn from the experience of others.


Melinda Yeaman | Ted Sieving | Robbie Brown | Heidi Fitzgarrald Howard | Ever Gonzalez




"Having a true creative center, somewhere that people can bounce ideas off each other and network is key to survival." - Robbie Brown

Contact with WE Labs:

WebsiteFacebook | @WELabs | @BassinatorBrown | @TedSieving

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Crystal Rose - Co-Founder of Sensay & Founder/Producer of LA Startup Week

Outlier On Air interviews Crystal Rose, Co-Founder of Sensay at the Cross Campus co-working space in Santa Monica, CA.  Crystal is actively engaged in thriving technology communities and has more than a decade of experience building, launching and scaling digital products. 


  • Coding as a Teenager
  • Self Taught HTML
  • Selling Websites on ebay at 16
  • Hackathons
  • Startup Community
  • Women in Tech


Connect With Crystal: 

Sensay.It | LAStartupWeek | @CrystalRose | @Sensay | @LAStartupWeek

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"If you have a failure or a setback your character is defined by how you react to it." - Matthew Benay

Outlier On Air interviews Aaron and Matthew Benay, the screenwriting duo out of Los Angeles, California. Listen as they explain how they got started and what advise they give to other writers and entrepreneurs. You won't want to miss their story about Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. 



  • Screenwriters
  • New York
  • Japanese Mafia 
  • Yakuza
  • If you want to be a writer, sit down and write
  • Grit
  • Failure
  • National Treasure 3


"The only thing we can control is what WE do" Aaron Benay

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"Every entrepreneur has a streak of stubbornness, they have to." - Alexandra Fleur

Alexandra Fleur - Co-Founder and CEO of Critique^It

Critique^It is a software as a service (SaaS) product that lets users embed text, audio and video feedback on virtually any type of file: Word documents, images, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets. Critique^It provides a flexible, cost-effective solution and never-thought-possible technology for peer-review.



"Ask for help. Be open to pulling in as many people into your space as possible and asking for help." Alexandra Fleur


Connect With Alexandra:

Website | @CritiqueIt | Facebook

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