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209: Taylor Welch Interview - Building Your Marketing Machine

"Do the right thing, even without the right results." - Taylor Welch

About: Taylor Welch - Marketing Funnel Copywriter and Recognized Marketing Automation Expert

Taylor is a marketing funnel copywriter and recognized marketing automation expert. He's the author of "The Profit Extraction Handbook For Infusionsoft" and publisher of the monthly premium print training newsletter for business owners & entrepreneurs, "The Builder Letter."

His clients have included everyone from small startups on shoe-string budgets to prestigious companies earning multiple 8-figures per year.

Overview: Taylor is an entrepreneur with new ideas for online marketing. He shares how he fell into marketing and what the next steps are for his company.


Background: Taylor headed to Tennessee where he began working as a recording engineer at a church in Memphis. Afterward, he got into real estate investment as a manager. When his wife was looking to gain more clients as a hairstylist, Taylor tried his hand at marketing and found his niche. With that start as a marketing expert, he was able to build a side income and soon jumped into the entrepreneurial world of marketing.

What Taylor Does: Businesses are investing in InfusionSoft, but the power of any marketing is what's inside of the campaign. Taylor saw the need for mid-large size companies to establish email automation- essentially their nurture campaign. Here's where Taylor can help: he creates successful nurture automation systems for these companies. Taylor currently works a lot with online education companies and service providers. Companies who need to connect one-on-one with their consumers will benefit the most from automation systems.

Next Steps: Eventually, Taylor will be merging with another company that focuses on traffic to become an agency that can offer more to his clients.

Opposition as a New Comer: Although Taylor just began his business this year, he feels the most important thing you can bring to the table as a new entrepreneur is to give your clients results.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: 2 things have made a difference for Taylor:

1. Have a daily life routine - Taylor wakes up each morning at 5am to go to the gym, and have that time for himself to focus on his day. As he does this, he is able to accomplish much more.

2. Do the right thing, even without the right results - Taylor gives examples of doing small things that may not produce instantaneous results but will eventually get you to where you want to be.

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