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210: Stephen Scoggins Interview - The Journey Principles

"As iron sharpens iron..." - Stephen Scoggins

About: Stephen Scoggins - Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker

Overview: Stephen travels throughout the country teaching faith and self-understanding. His goal is to empower others to use the bricks of past failures to build a new foundation for success, reigniting a passion for life and purpose to make large steps toward a bright future.


Stephen's Book - The Journey Principles: The Journey Principle is a self-awareness book that Stephen wrote to help business owners learn from their mistakes, how to achieve work-life balance, and how to overcome stress fear, and anxiety.

Background: In the late '90s, Stephen was sitting on an overpass contemplating ending his life. At that point in time, Stephen felt he had failed at every single thing he had done. However, 4 weeks later, Stephen founded his company Custom Home Exteriors. From that point on, he became successful, and has overcome trials that have led him to where he is today.

Journey Principles Institute: His most recent venture, founded earlier this year, is an institute that Stephen established to help others "develop knowledge and skills that will strengthen their relationships". JPI supports others while they are learning to use the obstacles in their lives as transitions into building blocks for success. Through JPI people learn how to apply God’s Principles to their everyday lives."

Journeyprinciples.com: This is a website that is being set up to help business owners build themselves first. This will include a podcast, speakers, authors, and other information that business owners can have access to. Stephen truly wants to make a difference in people's lives through this company. Ultimately, the goal is to impact someone else to help others and create a chain of inspiring others.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: It's your journey, it's God's principles. Live by them, define yourself by them, and you'll watch some magical things happen.

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