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211: Vance Morris Interview - Systematic Magic

"It's far more expensive to attract a new client than to retain one." - Vance Morris

About: Vance Morris - Walt Disney Resort Management Alumni, and CEO at Deliver Service Now

Vance Morris is a Walt Disney World Resort Management Alumni, having spent 10 years as an executive in the Resorts. He runs the only Disney Service & Direct Response Marketing business on the planet. Here he coaches companies to create Disney Style Service Systems and then monetize them through direct response marketing. He is also the GKIC 2015 Marketer of the Year.

Overview: Vance shares his long-time experiences of working with Disney, their failures and successes, and what he's doing now with Direct Response Marketing.


Background: Vance started working at Disney in the 90's as a food and beverage manager and later opened up the yacht and beach club resorts. Then he spent 5 years managing night clubs (another Disney experience). Eventually, Vance left Disney and worked for a number of companies in the restaurant industry. He also worked as a contractor for Tyson, NASA, and Smithsonian Museum systems. However, he didn't follow directions very well and saw that as the beginning of the end. He had a lot of ideas he wanted to run with and finally made the plunge into starting his own franchise business.

Franchise: Eight years ago, Vance started a carpet cleaning business. His goal was to run but the business but not actually work in it. Four years ago, Vance reached his goal and can now focus on his long range goal of having a Disney-style marketing service.

How Vance Can Help: Vance is here to provide companies with a marketing framework. He shares that your marketing should be able to sort out the clients you don't want. You don't have to take on everyone.

Mistakes Companies Are Making: Not saying thank you to customers is a problem. It's important to send a thank you package to customers and follow up. It's also crucial that you teach your employees how to interact with your customers in a positive way that will make them want to come back. It's far more expensive to attract a new client than to retain one.

End Game: Although Vance would like to sell his carpet-cleaning company eventually, right now it's where he tests all of his marketing strategies.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Do your homework- especially if you have not made the jump yet into the entrepreneurial world. Be true to yourself- don't try to be something you're not because sooner or later you're going to get found out. Another important thing to do is to continue to learn. Study things outside of your industry to keep your mind fresh. And finally, get involved in a mastermind where you can be involved with other business owners.

Deliver Service Now Small Business Coaching
Deliver Service Now Small Business Coaching

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