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213: Christine Hauer Interview - Your Networking Sidekick

"Make people love you at an event..." - Christine Hauer

About: Christine Hauer - Founder of Hifive

Overview: Christine is a fun-loving, energetic, entrepreneur who is here to coach you at social events.

Christine Hauer started up Hifive, a social skills and networking consulting company featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and Fast Company. Coaching those looking to gain better event-working and people-meeting skills, she provides individual consulting and workshops to people/companies/universities breaking down how to work a room, make conversation, and feel comfortable doing both while still getting your message across. Christine also works as Culture Champion at digital communications agency, Praytell, and acts, paints, and sings karaoke whenever she can.



hi5: Is a coaching company that helps people with social skills and networking. Christine started this company 3 years ago because of her love of communicating and social interaction. Right now, Hifive is a side job and she will be teaching at Yale this Fall.

How It Works: Christine can be considered a networking wing man/sidekick. She offers one-on-one pointers prior to an event, or will attend with you to help you know who to talk to, how to do so, and will help with follow-up afterward. Christine will help you get your message across without being pushy and will offer techniques that will produce the best results.

Clientele: Hifive is here to help their clients have a scientific approach to their networking events.

Goal: Christine is currently writing a book in which she will compile her techniques, mental tricks, and everything she teaches her clients. Christine would like to keep Hifive small and niche to maintain the personal aspect of her company. Eventually, she would like to work with schools and companies and hold seminars to educate on networking.

Advice: Christine says it's important to have a bio that links to all of your accounts. She also says it's important to practice your pitch- even if it's just one sentence, know exactly what you want to say about what you do. Make people love you at an event.

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