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218: Amit Mehta Interview - The Profit Swami

"You have to know when to be persistent and when you're beating a dead horse." - Amit Mehta

About: Amit Mehta - Inc 5,000 CEO, Consultant, and Author

Amit Mehta is an author, speaker, growth hacker, serial entrepreneur, and former Inc 5000 CEO. Not only has Amit driven over $40 million in business through various different ventures in the last 10 years, he has spoken over a dozen times at industry conferences and seminars, and helped countless individuals achieve success in their own businesses.

Overview: With 10 years of business experience, Amit shares his wisdom and advice on how to grow your company the right way. 


Background: While a physics graduate student, Amit and his wife struggled financially and he began searching for a way to  make money online. He was burned out with the academic world and realized if he went back to his 9-5 job, he'd never fulfill his dreams or have the freedoms he wanted. Through a series of good and bad events, Amit ventured out onto the entrepreneurial path. He worked as an affiliate marketer by promoting downloadable software products and was making $2k a day. This was life-changing for him. He was able to travel and explore the world but knew his 4-hour work week would not be sustainable forever. Eventually, he teamed up with another affiliate marketer, and started their own software company in 2010. However, they didn't understand the challenges that would lie ahead. After being conned from a supposed software developer, they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was this experience that led Amit toward his path of becoming a business growth expert and consultant and is helping many others with their companies today.

Right Now: Amit is currently in the process of starting a consultant business. He enjoys working with younger entrepreneurs, and is involved in some volunteer work to help small companies reach the million dollar mark.

Definition of Success: In his younger years, it was just making money. Now it's how many people you can positively impact.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Before you try to build a billion dollar company, build a company that's going to make $1,ooo a month. Start small, have a proof of concept, and scale it up from there. Become an expert at whatever type of business you're involved in. Know more than your competitors, particularly on the marketing and sales side of it. Learn how to blog and build a presence in social media- buy some good books, and follow some informational blogs. If you're seeking a mentor, find someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish and offer to be an intern for free.

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