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270: Christoffer B. Wallin Interview - Gathering, Publishing, and Earning

"...creators deserves their right as a vital part of every society." - Christoffer B. Wallin

Christoffer B. Wallin - Founder and Gardener at Pindify, Founder of Jamclouds and Part-Owner of Sprinklebit

"I'm a fortunate beloved husband, father and friend who sincerely believes that creators deserves their right as a vital part of every society.

Started Backstage in 2006 to help local artists be on stage and get promoted with larger headliners. In 2011 I helped my brother start Sprinklebit while I started Jamclouds “The collaborative platform for musicians to unite and collaborate in a real-time online studio”. Today I'm growing a Creators Market named Pindify.

After being reborn at the age of 30 I started to organize my purpose into a book which I'm continuously writing; "The Art of Struggle"

I've created many songs, been the lead-singer for 5 bands and sadly, yet under the circumstances; understandably, received the “Golden Ticket” from the TV-production; Swedish Idol.

Project Manager and Developer at BTS for 5 years where I led and developed projects such as the Training Portal for The Coca Cola Company. Other clients include HP, Vestas, PMI, Logica, DHL, AT&T, AOl, Ericsson, EADS, to mention some. I got a paycheck every month and learned several diversified "things".

One of my proudest accomplishments was to periodically being a bartender and waiter for over 13 years. It fueled my heart with that sweet bitterness you need in today's ironic society and gave me strength to move on after several years of people laughing at the “creative” dreamer (entrepreneur).

I agree with Mark Twain's statement: " I've never let my school interfere with my education" but I did power through a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with Honors of Highest Distinction, from University of Utah, Minoring in Business Marketing at David Eccles School of Business."



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