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275: Ken Dunn Interview - CEO, Founder, and Creator

"I have learned that there are no bad ideas, just bad plans." - Ken Dunn

Ken Dunn - CEO at Readers Legacy Inc

Ken Dunn has been called one of the greatest prospectors in the sales profession IN THE WORLD by Inc Magazine.

He has taught his revolutionary techniques of “growth & prosperity through prospecting” to hundreds of corporations, dozens of packed stadiums and thousands of avid readers on four continents. 

A former police detective who spent over 400 hours interrogating murderers, kidnappers and child molesters, Ken combined his police experience with a flair for sales to start his own business. Trading in his badge for a seat in business class, Ken grew sales teams in his 3 companies to bring in revenues of over three quarters of a billion dollars in just 15 years.

Today, Publisher’s Weekly calls his latest book, The Greatest Prospector in the World, “a compelling tale of fiction and business principles,” The Networking Times calls him “the ultimate master of the prospecting game,” and Huffington Post say’s “Ken is an inspiration to anyone trying to build a business or succeed in selling”.

Connect With Ken:

Website | Facebook | @Ken_Dunn | @ReadersLegacy


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