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288: Derek Champagne Interview - Don't Buy A Duck

"I have a great team so I don't need to wear all of the hats." - Derek Champagne

Derek Champagne - CEO of The Artist Evolution

A true entrepreneur from an early age, Derek Champagne has always been interested in fostering connections and finding an audience, in both the marketing and music fields. Now CEO of The Artist Evolution, a marketing, design and practice management firm he founded in 2007, Champagne helps businesses of all budgets design and implement marketing strategies that work. 

He’s developed and managed brands and marketing campaigns in multiple industries from start ups to household names. He has pioneered marketing strategies in the medical and dental communities, and has used his twenty-plus years of advertising, branding, and marketing experience to build a formidable business. He is a frequent guest lecturer at business conventions and college business marketing classes covering marketing and social media subject matter.


Connect With Derek:

Website | Facebook | @ArtistEvolution | LinkedIn

Book - Don't Buy A Duck


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